Scamps testimonial for Aunty Claire.

“He’ll have to go”, they said! What?! Where?? Oh no ……….. back to the Dogs Trust!

I know I’d had nothing but kindness there, but I’d got a lovely garden here and I really didn’t want to leave my big brother Rusty, my hero and my mentor. And I knew they loved me really, they were just finding it hard to understand me – humans can be very stupid at times.

Then they said “we’ll go and see Claire”. Hooray!! Claire is grrrrreat – she watched me carefully and understood what was happening in my anxious little mind. And she was soooo diplomatic with them – getting them to calm down and not keep winding me up.

Claire noticed that big brother Rusty wasn’t quite as laid back as they thought and was passing some of his anxieties on to me. Of course, they hadn’t noticed – sometimes humans can’t see further than the comical little noses perched on their funny bald faces! Of course, we’ve still got lots of training to do and that’s grrrreat, because training means SAUSAGES!

So, if any of you pooches out there are feeling misunderstood, get your humans to talk to Claire – I thoroughly recommend her, and Rusty and my humans join in with a rousing “so say all of us”.

Thank you, Claire for your expertise and your dedication. Simply the best!!!

Lots of licks and waggy tails,

(trying ever so hard to be good).
"My son and his girlfriend met Claire at dogs trust, at the time Claire was working with Myles.

Myles had many issues but Claire's care and consideration plus all her expertise of training dogs eventually led to Myles being homed with us. Myles is a different dog and he is building his confidence daily. When I first saw Myles with Claire you could see the trust and love he had for her and I knew that with time he would be coming home with us. Thank you Claire x"

(Yvonne - Redditch)

"I have known Claire for over 10 years, she is very reliable trustworthy and fantastic with dogs.

She has superb knowledge in dog breeds and behaviour. Claire treats every dog as if they are her own when they are in her care and Claire is happy to accommodate every dog's Individual needs. I highly recommend Lexi and pals."

(Donna - Moreton In Marsh)

"Claire is amazing with dogs, her knowledge is vast and she is capable of handling even the most ‘characterful’ canine. It's well worth getting in touch with her if you have any issues you need help with."

(Jane - Shrewsbury)

We were looking on Dogs Trust Evesham website when we came across a Jack Russell cross with a Beagle. We were so excited to visit Tommy our new dog. when we got there, we were told Tommy had been mistreated and showed signs of aggression to various things including people.

This is how we met Claire, she always had a smile on her face even in the pouring rain and her love for all the dogs made us feel so reassured. We had to visit Tommy three times a week for about six weeks and Claire being a brilliant dog behaviourist, trained us as well as Tommy. It was just a total joy for us to go from standing still around Tommy to putting his harness on and off into the big field for a walk with him, on our own!

Claire gave us confidence that then radiated to Tommy. Claire visited us at home a few times and then said: “Next Tuesday alright?” I was like "What?"

I can tell you in the two and a half years of now having Tommy, we’ve had to learn what suited him, just like having a new baby. Claire would always be on the end of the phone, when not working with so many other dogs, she always made herself available with advice.

I get a call from Claire at least once a month asking how Tommy is, that shows how much she cares.

In April of this year, Tommy started becoming lazy and not responding to instructions, mostly barking at the postman and any sort of delivery.

We were seeing Claire twice a month until this month as the weather has got colder so we’ve moved inside for training. She is family to us now just as much as Tommy is, training with Claire always ends up with laughter.

Tommy adores Claire and her calmness around dogs is amazing as it calms them. Claire is softly spoken so there is no shouting during training and with my pleasure, I give my permission for Claire to post my words of thanks and gratitude for giving us the most loving dog.

Everyone should have a Claire Bugler to go to when you need help and guidance. We’ve never had a dog before but if it wasn’t for Claire making Tommy know we were his new mummy and daddy, we wouldn’t have the happy home we have now.

Claire has had so many years experience with all kinds of dogs that she knows how every breed of dog operates. I have been very poorly over the past few months but Claire still drives miles to keep on doing new things with Tommy, while I am in my Jim jams, for that I can’t thank her enough.

I would recommend Claire in a heartbeat, for Claire is all about the dogs, whatever you need her to do. When I go away for a break, I wouldn’t leave my dog with anyone but Claire.

My last words, she is just brilliant, simply the best!!

(Anna - Worcester)

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