25th September 2019

Testimonials: A letter from Scamp

Scamps testimonial for Aunty Claire.

(We get some amazing testimonials sent to us at Lexi and Pals, but this one was so good that we had to share it on our blog.)

“He’ll have to go”, they said! What?! Where?? Oh no ……….. back to the Dogs Trust!

I know I’d had nothing but kindness there, but I’d got a lovely garden here and I really didn’t want to leave my big brother Rusty, my hero and my mentor. And I knew they loved me really, they were just finding it hard to understand me – humans can be very stupid at times.

Then they said “we’ll go and see Claire”. Hooray!! Claire is grrrrreat – she watched me carefully and understood what was happening in my anxious little mind. And she was soooo diplomatic with them – getting them to calm down and not keep winding me up.

Claire noticed that big brother Rusty wasn’t quite as laid back as they thought and was passing some of his anxieties on to me. Of course, they hadn’t noticed – sometimes humans can’t see further than the comical little noses perched on their funny bald faces! Of course, we’ve still got lots of training to do and that’s grrrreat, because training means SAUSAGES!

So, if any of you pooches out there are feeling misunderstood, get your humans to talk to Claire – I thoroughly recommend her, and Rusty and my humans join in with a rousing “so say all of us”.

Thank you, Claire for your expertise and your dedication. Simply the best!!!

Lots of licks and waggy tails,

(trying ever so hard to be good).

Scamp Testimonial

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