24th September 2019

Walking Buddies: Meet Shelby

Walking Buddies: Meet Shelby

I have been looking after Shelby for quite some time now, almost four months, during which time I have walked him three days a week and stayed with him whilst his owners were away getting married. Shelby was a very anxious boy when I first met him but we have built up a very good relationship and bond.

Recently things suddenly changed and Shelby was very reluctant to walk with me and on one occasion he was physically shaking when I went to take him out. So much so that I could not take him as I feared that he may have a fit or something.

I contacted his owners and expressed my concern and they went back to him. As I was really concerned about what had happened I left it for a few days then arranged more frequent visits to walk Shelby so that we could restore the relationship that we had. We walked every day for a week and now things are back to normal.

The only thing I could think of that may have triggered this behaviour was that I was not well and, as my problems became more severe, Shelby struggled with me more, until the day we could not walk at all. After leaving him for a few days, whilst I recovered, and then walking him every day, we soon got back to normal. It just goes to show how fragile these relationships can be, particularly with anxious dogs and how much time and effort needs to be put in to building and maintaining the positive relationship.

Shelby Dog Walking Evesham

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