Whatever service you require there is a free “meet and greet” introduction in place.

Here at Lexi and Pals we feel that it is very important that we all get along, hence we would visit you and your dog to discuss your requirements and to ensure that you are happy with everything. This is where the arrangements can be made to suit your situation, taking into account the age of your dog, temperament and energy levels. We can discuss your dogs habits, exercise and diet and what level of exercise is best for him. We appreciate that handing your dog over to a complete stranger is not an easy thing to do but we can confirm that we are very “doggy” people, are fully insured, CRB checked and we are quite prepared to answer any questions that you may have during this time.


Dog Walking

Having introduced ourselves previously we will collect your dog and take him for a walk. Individual dog walks will be tailored to meet you and your dogs requirements. If you prefer us to remain in your local area or have designated routes that you know your dog prefers we can accommodate that.

Alternatively we can collect your dog and walk him in different locations, giving him more variety and stimulation. All dogs will be walked initially on a lead and alone but after us forming a bond, if you are happy to do so, we can take your dog to a secure area and he can have a little freedom from time to time and be mixed with other dogs.

Need someone to take your furry friend walkies?

Dog Sitting

We provide a dog sitting service for when you are away from home, whether it be for a day or days. We can walk your dog and return to the house during the day to let the dog out, feed him, give any medication and settling him before you return.

Alternatively we can stay overnight giving consistency for your dog and security for your home. Many people, particularly rescue dog owners, do not like to kennel their dogs because of past association. Our dog sitter is CRB checked.

Are you looking for that friendly, reliable dog Sitter?

Canine Behaviour

Some dogs do have problems and difficulties which they need help with. Here at Lexi and Pals we have experience of some of these issues as some of Lexis Pals have had difficulties in the past which we have had to overcome. People can struggle with situations they are not familiar with but having worked many years in a rescue centre, our behavourist has built up a knowledge base of different problems and difficulties, which we are able to share with people to help them deal with the difficulties they face.

Rescue dogs particularly can have sketchy backgrounds, not always are we aware of their past lives or what actually triggers the behaviour. When you contact Lexi and Pals in relation to a behavioural problem, initially, you will be requested to seek confirmation from your vet that there is no medical or pain related reason for your dogs behaviour. This having been done, an assessment would be carried out of your dog, based on the outcome of a discussion which would take place with all members of the family.

We would then describe to you the training modification programme we felt would best assist in helping with your dogs behaviour and see how the family feel about dealing with the problem or problems in that way. Details of this programme would be emailed or sent to you for you to consider, particularly as some

behavioural cases can take time and patience to resolve and the family would need to be prepared to put in that time. If you are in agreement, we can start sessions to work on the behavioural issues.

Do you require dog behaviour advice?

Dog Training

Dog training at Lexi and Pals is carried out on a one to one basis, as not all dogs are comfortable in a class room situation, some are too nervous of dogs or people and some just want to play.

Neither is it always convenient for families to attend evening classes. All types of training that we undertake is based on you and your dogs requirements. Whether your problem is lead walking, recall, manners or whatever, we are sure that Lexi and Pals we will be able to help.

Does your dog require dog training?

Miscellaneous Services.

Please contact Lexi and Pals if ever you need:

Transport to your vets.

Your dog letting out during the day, for toilet breaks or whatever.

Feeding any other pets.

We are here to help !

07598 383 786hello@lexiandpals.com
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